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Since a decade,
this artistic research engendering propositions in a wide range of media 
- such as drawing/painting, video, 3D/found objects, 
installation, performance, text, sound - 
cherishes a holistic view on the human being
seen as entangled into simultaneous processes: 
mutating, passing through many modes of being,
crossed by inner and outer forces...
He/she/they are engaged into evolving relationships
to him/her/themselves, the others and the surroundings, taken into personal & collective becomings. 

The hidden desire of this corpus of works 
is to light up aspects of these multiple ongoing poïetics, 
those processes manifesting creativity
and/or resulting into creation(s),
whether they are parts of any existence 
or inherent to the artistic activity. 
As many of these artistic proposals strive to reveal
the human being as an initiator of changes, 
they tend to solicit him/her/them  
- the ones who are gazing - 
to leave the supremacy of the gaze
and to experience their own potentials.
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