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painter, shamanic practionner, art-therapist & ?!

2020 to 2023

Expressive Arts Therapy

from 2020 to ...

core shamanism // M. Harner, FSS (Foundation for shamanic studies) 

2019 to ...

transmission vibratoire, level 5, P. Lefèvre

from 2014 to 2016

Master in fine arts, Institut Kunst (IKU/HGK, FHNW, Basel -

realisation of a reflexive work (//Master thesis), a textual/musical

performance Undefined I, undefined piece and its written documentation 

from 2009 to 2013

Bachelor in fine arts, ECAV now Edhéa -

redaction of Quand les objets artistiques à mettre en actes évoquent des rapports au monde: quel potentiel de créativité pratique et conceptuelle les artistes accordent-ils aux spectateurs?

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